Midtown Movement and Dance will be dancing at WeeOnes Club!

Midtown Movement and Dance Company is proud to be partnering this Fall Semester with neighborhood preschool, WeeOnes Club!

Lead by NYC native and performing arts professional Jaclyn Going, a collective of Teaching Artists strive to inspire little ones to have a passion for movement and an understanding of mind-body mechanics. Teaching Artists at Midtown Movement and Dance use classical and contemporary dance techniques, creativity, positive reinforcement, exploration, and a nurturing environment to encourage their students to listen, learn, and have fun with dance.

The WeeOnes/Midtown Movement Program will be held at WeeOnes Club 128 E.36th Street. The program is available as an after-school enrichment class for students currently enrolled in WeeOnes preschool. The program will culminate with a dance showcase for families to attend at WeeOnes Club on Dec. 10th and 12th at 2:45pm.

Class Descriptions:

HIP HOP- This class will be an introduction to dance class basics such as participating in movement patterns as a group, taking turns dancing across the floor in traveling steps, exercises to develop proper jumping and leaping skills, creative and rhythmic dance activities, and learning a hip hop dance routine.

BALLET- This class will be an introduction to ballet technique, encouraging students to practice proper posture, strength, discipline, and focus while engaging in a variety of ballet positions, poses, stretches, and traveling steps. The class will also engage in creative movement and storytelling through dance as a part of learning their ballet dance routine.

Class Schedule options:


2:00-3:00 Ballet 3-4yrs


2:00-3:00 Hip Hop 3-4 yrs

Program Details

Fall Semester: 10 weeks

Tuesday Class: Sept 24th- Dec 10th

Thursday Class: Sept 26th- Dec 12th

Tuition: $400 per class option

Combo Tuition: $700 for both classes

(See prorated tuition in pay options below)

Holiday Closure dates:

October 1st Rosh Hashana

October 31st Halloween Trick or Treat!

November 5th Election Day

November 28th Thanksgiving

Please fill out the Registration Form:

Student's Name *
Student's Name
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Parent's Name
Parent's Name
Caregiver's Name/Pick-up person
Caregiver's Name/Pick-up person
Caregiver/Pick-up person's Phone number *
Caregiver/Pick-up person's Phone number
Activity Consent *
I understand that the dance classes my child will participate in at WeeOnes Club include, without limitation, movement on a hardwood floor, the use of instruments and handheld objects, guided stretching, dancing while holding a prop or instrument, movements involving jumping and fast-paced dance steps, dance routines and other related activities. I further understand that all the movements and activities involved in this dance class involve some degree of risk, strain or bodily injury. I consent to have my child participate in the described physical activities. I understand that Midtown Movement and Dance Company (MMDC) is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property. I agree to correspond with all MMDC registration, class and performance regulations, if applicable. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above conditions and participate accordingly.
Photo Release *
I grant to Midtown Movement and Dance Company and WeeOnes Club, its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of my child in connection with dance classes and dance performances. I authorize Midtown Movement and Dance Company and WeeOnes Club, it's assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

Please complete the Payment option Below:

Weeones 10 Week Semester: 1 Class


8 weeks remaining- Oct. 7th -Dec. 12th

Weeones 10 Week Semester: Ballet/ Hip Hop Combo


8 weeks remaining- Oct. 7th -Dec. 12th