Dance With ME

Dance With Me classes are offered on weekday mornings T-W-TH from 10:00am-10:45am in the genres of Hip Hop, Ballet, and Creative Movement. Students 18mos-3yrs and their grown-ups dance, stretch and explore movement in these classes together. Our instructors work together with parents and caretakers to guide students and help them develop their movement skills.

Ballet classes begin students' dance experience with classical music, basic ballet positions, classical steps, stretching using a playful and creative approach.

Creative Movement broadens students' imagination through a variety of music and dramatic imagery to encourage student generated movement, and guided basic dance principles using instruments and props.

Hip-Hop is upbeat and energetic, with music from top hits as well as nursery favorites. This class instructs a variety of locomotive steps, cool moves, stretching and freestyle dance. Adult participation is required during all 45-minute Dance With Me classes.

Budding BalLet


In this drop-off class for 2-3yrs, we focus on the same beginning dance concepts as Dance With Me and build on a more structured environment. Students partake in dance activities while remaining on their designated floor spots, follow peers in moving in a line or circle, wait their turn in doing dance steps and dance combo exercises, and practice steps independently when prompted with verbal directions.

For students aged 2 1/2 and up who are accustomed to drop-off activities, we offer weekly classes in ballet/tap and jazz/hip-hop. Each of these drop-off classes is 1 hour and focus on developing the fundamentals of dance while stimulating your child’s creativity and imagination. Children are led through warm-ups, stretches, basic posture and body positions, stationary movements, travelling across the floor steps, and choreography combinations.

Beginning Ballet/tap


In this class for 3-5yrs, we build the concepts of technique in both ballet and tap portions of class. We foster a fun learning environment as students are guided through dance activities while on their own dance spots, progressing to moving across the floor, exploring following peers in lines and circles and taking turns demonstrating combinations we are working on in class. We move from ballet to tap using a fun dance activity and some stretching.

Beginning Hip-Hop

In 3-5yr-old hip-hop, our students experience a fun, entertaining environment while learning basic hip-hop movement and styles. We use top hits popular with this age group to engage and keep class energy high! Students warm up in a circle on their own dance spots and will locomote across the floor before learning basic hip-hop combinations that they share with the class. Their cool moves will be showcased at each recital.

Each Combo class 5 years and older will perform both a tap and ballet piece in our recitals!

Intermediate Ballet/Tap

In this 5-7yr-old intermediate class, students will build on the basic understanding of ballet and are introduced to more difficult steps and positions. As we move from the center to across the floor movement. Dancers are instructed with creative ways to approach their newfound ballet steps. After a creative dance activity, we use the move into basic tap steps and sounds that will increase our dancer’s tap vocabulary. We use upbeat songs to aid in creating and understanding rhythms while making music with their feet.

Intermediate Hip-hop

In this 5-7yr-old class, pop music is used to pump up our dancers as they build on beginning hip-hop vocabulary. We take party dance moves and begin to introduce body isolations to our students. Basic break-dancing movement is infused into class. Students will locomote through class learning to bring their own style and personality to the movements.

Int-Adv Ballet/Tap

This class for 7-10yr-olds covers a broader range of movement found in both ballet and tap as dancers progress in proficiency and maturity. They will be learning a variety of new steps based on jumps and turns and flexibility. Students continue to experience creative or free components included within each class. By the end of the year the students will be able to memorize more complex exercises and sequences and have a deeper foundation of musical interpretation.



In this 7-10yr-old class, we take our student’s base knowledge of hip-hop movement and progress them into more advanced vocabulary in a high-energy environment. Class begins with a warm-up in the center, progresses through isolations of the body and across the floor sequences. We finish class with an upbeat combination where our dancers are encouraged to express their personality through their movement.